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Market leaders made and maintained

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Billie Razor logo full color

Sparking a Movement

strategy + media relations

Since launching Billie as “razors for womankind,” we’ve continuously positioned the brand as female-first. In leading strategy for the “Project Body Hair” campaign, we touted it as the first time a shave brand showed female body hair in an ad. Having built a foundational story for Billie as a mission-led company with a stance against the Pink Tax, SGPR was able to authentically message normalizing body hair as their next stand.

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We took the brand viral with more than 270 placements and 2 billion media impressions spanning more than 23 countries. Since then, both upstart and heritage women’s shaving brands have begun showcasing female body hair in marketing imagery for the first time, with media continuously citing Billie as their inspiration.

General Electric, GE, full color logo

Engineering Virality

strategy + influencer marketing + CONTENT CREATION + MEDIA RELATIONS

GE wanted a way to make science more relatable for everyday consumers while increasing engagement on SnapChat. We strategized their “Emoji Science” Lab in which we laid out a plan to communicate that there’s science in everything — even emoji. Users snapped GE an emoji & SGPR secured influencers to respond with a real-time video of an experiment from the lab. 

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SGPR contracted Bill Nye to stop by for 10 minutes and knew only one interview would be possible in the short time frame. To engineer a piece worth sharing, we pitched Mashable's video team a segment in which Nye would break down evolution through emoji at GE's lab. Our announcement of the video resulted in over 1 billion media impressions and "Emoji Science" becoming an answer in the New York Times crossword puzzle. SGPR then produced & promoted an entire Emoji Science video series for GE as a result of the viral success.

ThreadUP full color logo

News Hijacking

CONCEPT + content CREATION + media relations

As thredUP’s longterm partner, SGPR has elevated the secondhand retailer to the leader in conversations around resale, sustainability, and the circular economy. Beyond our proactive strategy, we’ve also reacted to news moments to secure this position. For example, when Burberry’s earnings report disclosed burning millions of dollars of unsold goods “to maintain brand value,” SGPR quickly inserted thredUP into the conversation; SGPR penned an open letter for thredUP’s Instagram, requesting that Burberry send the excess inventory to thredUP for resale (in exchange for donations to an eco-charity). This went viral and was the highest traffic-driver to thredUP from social in the history of their business.


A World’s First

CONCEPT + art + production + influencer marketing + media relations

Olay’s Ribbons body wash had launched over a year prior, and the brand was looking to achieve recognition as a tool for transformation. To engineer stories that would connect Olay Body to powerful transformation, we pitched the idea to produce “the world’s first ever waterproof photography book” to inspire individuals to transform their everyday shower routines, and to showcase stories of personal transformation within its pages. 

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Our influencer marketing team curated a group of women with authentic such stories to do a “2-week body wash challenge” and then a photoshoot of the results, focusing on a specific body part that helped play a role in her greater life transformation. The book, designed and manufactured by our experiential team, was fully waterproof and intended to be read in the bath as part of a reader’s personal care routine with Olay. Its debut achieved over a billion press impressions with coverage including Marie Claire, People, and New York Magazine, as well as millions of impressions from social influencers.

Hinge, the dating app’s, logo

Launch to Acquisition

strategy + media relations + PARTNERSHIPS + EVENTS

Seven years of partnership has allowed SGPR to play many roles for Hinge as we launched the dating app nationally, elevated it to a top competitor, relaunched the brand and partnered through eventual acquisition. We’ve consulted on product features to support the positioning of an app “designed to be deleted,” retooled job descriptions to draw press stories, used Hinge’s data to mark shifts in culture, hosted focus groups to inform comms strategy, produced live experiences, made introductions to brands like Chipotle & Society6 for national partnerships, and, of course, crafted messaging that appeared in publications from The New York Times to CNN.