"I’ve described the work at Small Girls as akin to doing a hard sudoku or the Sunday times crossword; you’re challenging yourself every day and it's in a very gratifying way."

- Kim M, 4 years small

We’re growing and always open to chat with entrepreneurial spirits excited to be part of a business’s next stage. hiring@smallgirlspr.com


We Saved You a Seat

New York
Located in SGPR's New York office, you will find this sleek and stylish conference room with incredible natural lighting.
Two of Small Girls PR New York workspaces, beautifully color-coordinated, one seafoam green and the other a lovely peach.
A beautiful conference room, in Small Girls PR's New York office, simple and elegant, featuring a glass wall open to the rest of the office.
Los Angeles
SGPR's LA office boasts a conference room with a glass wall overlooking LA and a wall covered in a large leafy green wallpaper.
A beautiful rooftop terrace with a large wooden table, green plants, string lights, and sun sails to protect from the elements.
“Small Girls, BIG BUSINESS” text placed over the backdrop of a wooded deck next to the feet of a small girl ready to go.

Our Company


Our CORE 🍏

"I've really always been heard. Even as an intern here, I always had the opportunity to speak up. This sense of trust in employees, and partnership at every level, is something my colleagues and I recognize as deeply meaningful to the growth we’ve had in our careers” - Annie J, 7 years Small

Great ideas can come from anywhere, so we’ve created a process for creative generation across every level of the organization, whether posed with a campaign or a business challenge.

Many executive decisions are suggested and made by employees themselves, including a staff-led committee that designs company protocols together.

TLDR? We employ participatory decision making and also cover all the good stuff like 100% of health insurance, annual investment in your 401k, summer Fridays, and more.



We love a good reason to celebrate. We celebrate birthdays, work-anniversaries, our intramural team winning (and losing), even baby showers and bachelor parties. Still, we think the best cause for celebration is the incredible work of our teammates.

We’ve institutionalized public recognition, in ways big and small, throughout the journey of one’s time here. (Easter egg: Ask any Small about “high fives”, “123”, or “100 placements”.)



“Diverse. Engaged. Encouraging. The balance that Small Girls strikes in life and work is extremely unique; the whole culture here cultivates growth and compassion” - John B, 1 year Small

As part of our work-life integration philosophy, Smalls are encouraged to bring personal passions into the fold. In kind, our community expands outside of SGPR to include the causes we believe in.

Each year we provide support through services, donations, fundraisers, and advisement to partners we’re passionate about, including She’s the First (a nonprofit dedicated to supporting first-gen high school graduates), It Gets Better (a nonprofit dedicated to the support of LGBTQIA youth), and Best Friend’s Animal Society (our career support animals in need of forever homes).

SGPR also hosts an active alumni channel that continues to provide opportunities and mentorship, expanding our support system.