I’m a hustler, except that no correctional facility can correct that - I took a step back, I viewed myself to see where my head was at

It’s 2018 and we’re excited to celebrate and reflect on over seven years of Small Girls’ growth. We’ve grown so quickly over the past several years that we’ve digitized our shared passions and ways of working to help new and current team members quickly assimilate (as well as contribute to) our culture - and ensure we’re sticking to our roots even as we expand. Please note that this version supersedes any previous Adventurebook you may have read or signed prior.

As of 2015, our official company name is SMALL GIRLS PR LLC, but we go by “Small Girls” or “Small Girls PR” or “SGPR” or refer to employees as “Smalls” and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the Adventurebook.

The Adventurebook is a road map guiding the policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions that should be followed by all Smalls, as a condition of their employment at the Company. It embodies our core values, philosophies and guiding principles that make SGPR a special place to work.

However, the Adventurebook is not an exhaustive list covering every situation that may arise in the course of everyday life here at SGPR. With that in mind, it is also not static. From time to time the Adventurebook will be updated as state/federal laws are revised, and as SGPR’s goals and culture evolves.

Understanding as a startup grows, so do their policies and procedures, Small Girls reserves the right to deviate from the policies and procedures detailed herein, as well as the benefits, and working conditions described in this Adventurebook. The Company also reserves the right to withdraw or change the items described in this Adventurebook at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice to the greatest extent permitted by law. Should changes occur, everyone is responsible for their own up-to-date knowledge about Company policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions. Our lawyer told us to put that in here, but at the end of the day, change is part of any growing business, so I think we all understand the need for this type of disclaimer.

Small Girls aims to provide a happy environment for all of its personnel, but we need every individual’s cooperation to do so: Your commitment to the best interests of the Company by thinking about the team before the self, and to clients by delivering great exposure, experiences, and opportunities, is crucial to maintaining the Small Girls PR ethos we’ve worked so hard to build.

This Adventurebook does not constitute a contract, express or implied, or assurance of employment or benefits for any specific duration-- it’s merely filled with guiding principles that will be returned to time and again, at your discretion, and pulled from when you need them.

Once you’ve reviewed, please affirm that you have read, understand, agree to abide by, and acknowledge your receipt of this employee Adventurebook so you can continue on the Small journey.