Bianca Caampued (5'0'') and Mallory Blair (5'3'') are small girls. Together, they steer a team of many talented taller people to power Small Girls PR.

"Helmed by PR Girls who clearly have a knack for building buzz"
- Glamour

"One of the most successful boutique PR firms in New York City" - BuzzFeed

"Bianca Caampued & Mallory Blair have become the reigning prom queens of the New York tech scene" - NY Post

"Part of the appeal of working with Small Girls is merely being associated with their widespread Internet presence" - Wall Street Journal

"[Clients] flock to the company for its relentlessly bubbly but incredibly canny use of social media (and the force of its founders’ personalities) to work event magic for even the most staid, old-guard brands. If we had to guess how public relations will look over the course of the next decade, it’d be like this" - Brooklyn Magazine

"Blair and her team stand out for their ability to build buzz for brands while maintaining a personable, playful touch" - PR Week


We named our company eponymously because our whole M.O. is championing a personal approach to public relations. We've never mass BCC'd reporters. We don't issue press releases. We've only ever used a wire once when we were forced to by pirates. Just kidding.

What do we do? We pull out the most compelling stories from our clients - from uncovering noteworthy trends in their user data to compiling areas of unique thought leadership. Then, we curate the right reporter to work with on the story at hand.

In addition to crafting newsworthy narratives, we create ownable moments. We've liveblogged wearing prom dresses every day for a month. We've gone on livestreamed dates for a dating site. We've thrown NY's first tech fashion show and Texas's first robot barista bar. We think outside the box because we've never been inside one. 

Our founders were some of the first editors appointed to Tumblr's taste-making Radar, borne from the blogging community, and work as both friend and colleague with the rising generation of new media influencers. That's part of our sauce- we work with our friends. We'd like you to be our friend, too.